Library is the most important facility at any educational institution. It occupies a distinct and central location in the institute. The College has a fully air conditioned in its own compound. The college library has recently been extended and renovated and is now renamed after principal of the college after partition of sub-continent Prof. M. Hassan. For the extension and renovation of the library younger brother of Prof. M. Hassan, Dr. Mian Hanif Anwar generously donated an amount of Rs. 16 Million in memory of his brother. After extension and renovation now library has 60 latest state of the art computers for students which are connected throughout the world via internet. Prof. M Hassan Library at HCC is also equipped with Close Circuit TV Security Cameras, Radio Frequency (RF) Library Security system and a Digital Electronic Entrance Gate. It has more than 38500 books, 20000+ E-books and hundreds of research dissertations of HCC students on wide range of topics related to the field of Commerce, Business, Information Technology and Business Law etc. Library has the subscription of several national and local newspapers, periodicals and magazines. The library is undergoing continuous development and new books are being added on the recommendation of the teachers’ concerned. The library has its own database in which the record of all the available books has been automated. All technical processing relating to library materials such as accession processes, classification and cataloguing of books has been completed and all data is available and search can be made through, author, title subject, accession number, and ISBN etc.

The College has inducted experienced and qualified library staff to assist the students in a variety of ways. The library is fully air-conditioned, and has open shelves to facilitate the students. Efforts are being made to establish a network of libraries in collaboration with other institutes of the area so that the students of all these institutes have an access to a wider collection of books and other related material. Moreover, to quest the thirst of knowledge, teaching, research extension services, the students of the college have the facility to use the Main Library at Punjab University, Lahore which contains over 200,000 books.



  1. The borrower’s card will be strictly “Non-Transferable” and will have to be presented at the counter at the time of borrowing or returning books etc.
  2. A user who loses his/her card shall immediately inform the Librarian in writing. A duplicate card will be issued to him/her on the payment of Rs. 200/-
  3. Any borrower who sub-lends books drawn from the library on his/her card to any other person shall be responsible for any loss or damage to the books.
  4. Books will be issued according to Circulation Policy only.
  5. All the reference material such as Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Current Periodicals and Magazines, Newspapers, Multi Volume Books, & CDs etc will not be issued in any case.
  6. At the time of stock taking, the members will have to return all the books issued on their cards, and no book will be issued till the stock taking is over.
  7. Readers and members shall not damage, mark, mutilate or write upon any book, periodical, map, thesis, or manuscript.
  8. A fine of Rs. 10 per day will be charged on each outstanding book.
  9. Books lost, or damage in any way will have to be replaced by the borrowers.
  10. Members of the Library will deposit their personal belongings (such as personal books, bags, file covers etc) at the entrance outside the library.
  11. Eating, sleeping, smoking, audible conversation & use of Mobile phone within the library premises is strictly prohibited.
  12. Discussions are not allowed in the library.
  13. Library will remain closed on Saturday, Sunday, on announced holidays and for “Annual Stock Taking”


The library timings are from 8:30 a.m. To 6:00 p.m. without any break.