Mr. J. W. Thomas
March 1927 - September 1942
The founding Principal. College Magazine “The Ganga” started its publication in 1928 & The Old Hailian Association was established in 1930.
Mr. I. M. Kapoor
October 1942 - July 1947
The first staff editor of the College Magazine “The Ganga”
Mr. M. Hassan
August 1947 - February 1964
Third overall & First Principal after the Independence. He had the honour to represent Pakistan in the United Nations in the Common Wealth Relations Conference. The First batch of M. Com. Annual System was inducted in 1954. The Name of the College Magazine “The Ganga” was changed to “Al-Iqtisad”
Mr. Akhtar Alam Hashmi
February 1964 - March 1966
As a member of the college faculty before his promotion, he was the 1st In-charge of the Co-Operative Supply Society Ltd. of the College after Independence, which among other things was responsible for the distribution of goods to the refugees.
Mr. M. Murtaza Khan
March 1966 - March 1976
The First Batch of M. Com Semester Programme & DCMA were inducted during his tenure.
Mr. Anis Ahmad Siddqui
March 1976 - November 1988
Due to his untiring efforts & dedication, the college was shifted from the old premises to the new premises. The Library Building & service pavilion were also constructed during his tenure.
Mr. Nisar-ur-Din
December 1988 - November 1991
First Admissions for the B. Com. Afternoon programme took place during his tenure.
Mr. M. A Ghani
November 1991 - November 1991
In his 12 days of Principalship, he graced the college with his presence.
Dr. A. R. Jafri
November 1991 - October 1995
He took a lot of interest in faculty development & sent the first batch of teachers for Ph.Ds in advance countries. He was also the Dean faculty of Arts and faculty of Commerce. He had also served as a Chairman Dept. of Public Administration Punjab University.
Mr. M. Azhar Ikram Ahamd
October 1995 - August 1997
He went on to become Director IBA, Treasurer PU and Dean Faculty of Commerce and was the 1st chairman of the Management Committee Punjab University Gujranwala Campus.
Ch. Nazir Ahmad
August 1997 - May 2008
Among a lot of contributions, he is credited for the construction of 2nd floor of old building and the new building. He also served as the students adviser & Resident Officer Punjab University.
Dr. Liaqat
May 2008 - August 2014
Founding D.G Gujranwala Campus, Ex-Dean & Principal University Law College, also serving as the Dean, Faculty of Commerce.The College Library has been totally renovated, fully computerized and open shelved. The very 1st examination hall of the college has been improvised by amalgamating a no. of rooms. NBP and HBL were asked to open their branches within the college premises. A prayer area has been erected. DCMA & DED have been introduced now for non-commerce graduates too. M. Com 3½ & 1½ Years Program has been started since 2009. M.Phil. Program will be started now for the first time.
Dr. Hassan Mobeen Alam
August 2014 - August 2020
Dr. Zulfiqar Ahmad
August 2020 - to date