Hailey College of Commerce is visualized to be a model institution of higher learning; therefore, it is essential that the brightest talent of the nation is attracted even if they are financially handicapped, especially from the backward areas. Students with outstanding performance are awarded merit scholarships every year. Some Scholarships are being given by other agencies. These scholarships are generally performance based. A few students are also provided Financial Assistance on need-cum-merit basis by the college and some other agencies. Deserving students may apply in response to the notice which will appear on the notice board.

Financial Assistance


Financial Assistance from different agencies is also available as follows:

Donor AgencyNo. of Awards
Punjab University (Needy)184
College (Financial Assistance)252
PEEF (Needy)200
Zahid Khurshid Scholarship25
Needy Scholarship01
MORA Needy Scholarship90