The  University  of  the  Punjab  is  one  of  the  oldest  and  largest universities of Pakistan. It came into existence on the 14th October 1882. It was the fourth University to be established by the British Colonial authorities in the Indian Subcontinent. The University of the Punjab has played a leading role in higher education in the country. The University strives to provide a conducive environment for the pursuit of the academic activities. On account of its quality degree programs, pleasant environment and low tuition fees, the University remains the institution of first choice for the students seeking admission. Presently, University has over 30000 students, four campuses in 13 faculties, 70 departments and 9 constituent colleges. There are over one hundred degree, diploma and certificate programs. Many new departments, disciplines and programs have been started recently according to the current requirements. The University continues to retain its original teaching as well as examining functions. In addition to the on-campus teaching and research activities, the University regulates the academic activities of over 328 affiliated colleges and institutes, imparting undergraduate, postgraduate and professional education.

‘………………….. “I agree with Sir Ganga Ram that the conditions of the entry should preferably be by merit and nothing else; the product of the college have to find employment, not with Government but in the open market, and the open market wants the best it can find”

………………….’ Sir Ganga Ram has asked me that my name should be associated with his College ; it is a request which I should have found it difficult to accept had it been preferred by any one else; but in accepting it I am conscious that, though the College may bear my name, it is his name which will be blessed, and his generosity which will be remembered with pious gratitude by the long line of students whose names will fill its roll, and whose lives will bear testimony of the value of this, his latest gift to the Punjab.’